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Guinea Fowl

For Pleasure, Pest Control, and Profit

Anja J. Schenkel

This is a practical book written for Australian Guinea fowl keepers and those who may be interested in starting with Guinea fowl.
The author has been breeding Guinea fowl for 14 years and has learnt a lot along the way. Here she shares her extensive knowledge and experience, saving you the trial and error.

About the book
Guinea fowl have been used extensively and for many years in the agricultural fields of viniculture and cropping industries in Australia as a form of organic insect control, but have only recently become of interest to livestock farmers and horse studs to combat ticks and other insect pests.

When you mention that you have Guinea fowl, a lot of people will pull their noses up, roll their eyes back and say something that proves that Guinea fowl are a nuisance and pests themselves. But are they?

I have bred Guinea fowl for well over a decade and under the right conditions and circumstances they are a very useful management tool for farm rotations and insect pest control but that will be discussed further on in this book.

I enjoy the rare occasion when I can sit back and look over the paddocks and watch the Guineas sweep through them like a giant vacuum cleaner picking up all the ticks, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders, etc. that they can find to eat, with a constant happy chirping and clucking as they go. I know that my livestock don’t have anywhere near the amount of ticks that other livestock have in our neighbourhood. One year we ran short of pasture for our cows and had to move them down the road to another paddock where the Guinea fowl never roamed and in a matter of a short time the cows were covered in ticks. That was the time when I realised how very useful these birds are and are not to be laughed at.

So friend or fiend?
Probably depending on who you talk with and what experience they have had, but I know that I would not want to be without them for their usefulness in pest control and for their eggs and meat (if you like the game meat flavour). But as everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes, it is best to weigh up your options, ask yourself questions like:

As with most things in life it is best to take a step back and analyse your needs and wants before you make the decision to have Guinea fowl or not.

Book content

About the author
Anja was born and raised in the Wallanbah valley on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Right from a young age she had a passion for nature and animals. Her parents encouraged this passion by allowing her to breed and care for many kinds of animals, from mice, yabbies, poultry including Guinea fowl to cattle, goats and Maremma dogs.
After finishing home schooling, Anja went on to study Animal Husbandry and the following year started a dog grooming business.
Some years later Anja gave that away to study for a Diploma of Agriculture while working as a veterinary nurse. Upon completion of her Diploma she started her current mixed farming enterprise, A.J.S. Hay and Chaff. Anja attributes her success to all the help and support from her parents, especially her father, Henk.